Coconut and Ginger Rice


Hello everyone,

How are you? I was away for a while. As I was a bit occupied. I am doing a lot of cooking these days, made this coconut and ginger rice randomly and they turned out super yummy. Mister Allen loved it so much that he wants to eat them every second day now. Sharing the recipe. Hope you will try it and like it :)

Ingredients of Coconut and Ginger Rice

1.  2 bowls of boiled rice

2.  Curry leaves

3.  50 gms Grated coconut

4.  5 gms grated ginger

5.  50 gms grated onion

6.  10 gms coriander

7.  half tbsp mustard seeds (Rye)

8.  1 tbsp olive oil

9.  Turmeric, coriander powder all 1/2 tbsp. Salt and chili powder to taste.

Procedure to make Coconut and Ginger Rice

1.  In an heated iron wok, put olive oil. Once the oil becomes warm then one by one, add mustard seeds then curry leaves to it. Then after a few seconds, add turmeric powder to it. then add onion and ginger to it. Saute onion till it becomes brownish.

2.  Add coriander leaves, grated coconut and all the spices. Mix everything and then cover with a lid for 2 minutes.

3.  After 2 mins, add boiled rice to it and mix everything. Mix it well and serve it to eat.

Tadda! simple as that :)


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