Malaysian Roti Canai inspired Recipe

Malaysian Roti Canai inspired Recipe

Hi everyone,

How are you? It has been a long since I shared a recipe or a fitness article. I am sorry for that. But see I don’t disappear and I make it a point that I write something once in a while so that I stay in touch with you :) . You know RedGhagra is keeping me very busy.

From the time I have started working with traditional Indian Crafts. I have started to question on how influenced different cultures are from each other. Be it food or adornment or decoration. It is difficult to track the points of origin of anything. But it is interesting to trace their evolution. As people moved from one location to another. They left behind or carried forward their tendencies for eating, decorating, adorning etc. Thus, mixing cultures or rather enhancing them. And leaving a question for us to think about “How ‘traditional’ actually is traditional?

Cultures, in these times are blended. Fortunately New York City is the best place to study this unison or distribution of cultures. I sit in a Moroccan decor house, finding a sense of familiarity with the deep blue and green silk brocade throws. Wondering whether brocades originated in Indian on in Morocco?

Likewise, I sit with Roti Canai in a Malaysian Restaurant. And find the dish similar to the egg parantha back home in India. Or may be the inspiration is vice versa.

Anyways, the point I am making is that I am finding this study of the movements and unisons between cultures very very interesting. I am kind of devouring a lot of books these days. If you are interested then I can also share the titles that I am reading these days :D

Huhh! back to the point. This article is actually about the recipe :P I liked the roti canai. I tried making it at home., loved it. Sharing the recipe. I made the healthier version. I have shared this recipe before but last time I did not add the veggies and then this time, I was missing talking to you so I basically needed a reason for that :D . Ignore the old recipe and read this one afresh for me. Peeleease :D

Ingredients for 2 Roti Canai

1. Wheat flour for 4 rotis.

2. 2 eggs

3. half chopped onion

4. half chopped tomato

5. 1 chopped green chili

6. half fist Cilantro.

7. half spoon salt and chili powder

8. 2 spoon butter

Method to prepare Roti Canai

1. Read HERE, how to make roti.

2. Whisk eggs, salt, chili powder, tomato, onion, green chili, coriander together.

3. Put a flat pan on high flame. As it gets warm. Put raw wheat roti over it. Once it start to get the brown bubbles on one side. Turn it to the other side. Pour a layer of whisked egg mixture over the roti. Wait for it to kind of soak into the roti base. Then add one more layer of roti over the egg batter.

4. Press the sandwich of 2 rotis and egg with the ladle. Spread 1/2 spoon butter on the top of the roti. Turn this sandwich upside down. Apply 1/2 spoon butter on the other side. Press the sandwich again with the ladle. Keep pressing and turning the sandwish, till both the layers as well as the egg inside the layer,  look crispy and cooked.

The bread it ready. Devooourr it ! :)

Nom nom


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