Recipe of Egg Parantha (Flat Bread)

Hi everyone,

Recipe of Egg Parantha (Flat Bread)

Recipe of Egg Parantha (Flat Bread)

We shifted to a new place. It is an amazingly quiet and beautiful place though only till 5 mins of walking distance. As after that the hustle bustle of the city starts again. But right now every bit of peace and greenery around the house feels like a blessing esp after living right into the middle of manhattan.

Apart from greenery, a very amazing part about the new neighborhood is the eating places of different cuisines. In the past few days, when we were shifting and our kitchen was packed. We ate out almost daily.

I wanted to experiment so we ate different cuisines daily. I ate Korean, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek and Malaysian. Surprisingly all of them have good vegetarian as well as healthy options. Also amazingly each cuisine is some or the other way inspired by some other cuisine. So you never feel totally lost eating any new cuisine. You will definitely find something in it that you have been eating as your staple :)

We went to a Malaysian place yesterday. And I was surprised to see them serve paranthas and rotis. Although they were not made of wheat and they were served with sauce instead of any curry. Yet they tasted almost the same. Basically, roti canai is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia. We ordered a Malaysian dish which was kind of an egg parantha just that it was not made of wheat. I asked for the recipe from the attendant at the hotel and tried it on my own at home today. I think it is a good filling breakfast in itself.

Shared the recipe here

Ingredients to make Egg Parantha (Flatbread)

To make 1 parantha

1. 1 whisked egg with a pinch of salt and red chilli.

2. 2 freshly cooked paranthas made of multigrain flour and desi ghee.

You may check the recipe of parantha HERE

ummm.. That is it!:)

How to make Egg Parantha

1. Use first freshly cooked parantha. Put it on warm skillet. Mid flame.

2. Pour egg batter and spread it evenly on the surface of the parantha.

Recipe of Egg Parantha (Flat Bread)

Recipe of Egg Parantha (Flat Bread)

3. Let the egg batter settle on this layer of parantha for 1 minute. It will stick to the parantha but will be still little soggy so you put the other freshly cooked parantha over it. And then press this egg parantha from above with a ladle. Turn up side down and press the other side. Do it till you see the egg settled as omelete, inside the layers of the paranthas.

Serve it.. Shimple :)

Do you make it in a different way? Please share your recipe

Until then.. tata

Let’s Cook!:)

2 thoughts on “Recipe of Egg Parantha (Flat Bread)

  1. Ramya

    Nidhi! Was waiting for ur post :) The new place sounds so lovely :) Isnt it hard to find such a quiet place in Manhattan? This recipe sounds really good but no egg allowed at home :(
    Did u check the link I left earlier? You will love it! :)
    I have gained weight Nidhu… I had an injury after coming from Goa so no workout… After the viral fever, Navaratri, Goa trip, and Diwali and now injury I have gained fat around my tummy :| I am working out from 3 days so feeling much better though. Looking forward to reading more articles now that u r settled in new home :)

    1. Nidhi

      Ramya.. it happens sometimes .. it will go away ones you get back to normal lifestyle.. I’m starting anti gravity teacher training from today. 10 hours classes daily. Nervous as well as excited. I will try to find time to write :).. I will write for you… love you :*


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